mikoMusic was a part of Dave Schulz’s life from the beginning. Born in Buffalo,NY,his father wore two hats as pianist and conductor of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. His father would seat him in the orchestra pit during performances as early as seven years old. His brother Robert would soon become a Grammy-nominated classical percussionist,and his sister an accomplished rock/soul singer. Shortly after his father’s passing when Dave was 10,he suddenly took an interest in the piano that was sitting idly in the living room. Osmosis? Within six months Dave had mastered the C Sonata by Mozart,and began an obsession with Chick Corea,Herbie Hancock and,of all things,DEVO. Not too bad for an 11 year old. He obviously made the right choice. By the age of 17,he was one of the top keyboardists in his hometown,winning multiple awards consistently for seven years. Finally the big break came,when Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls called and left a simple message from sunny LA:“you wanna come out and tour with us for a year?”  In a matter of one day Dave went from playing in front of 300 in a local Buffalo bar to playing Woodstock in front of 60000. This led to a two-and-a-half year relationship with the Goo Goo Dolls that took Dave around the world twice as touring keyboardist/vocalist for the “Dizzy Up The Girl” tour,the landmark album that spawned five top ten singles between 98 and 2000. That experience sealed his fate. Where else do you get to open up for the Rolling Stones?

Since then Dave moved to Los Angeles,touring/performing/recording with a diverse array of artists running the musical spectrum:Goo Goo Dolls,Fuel,English Beat,Bran Van 3000,General Public,Berlin,Chambers Brothers,Ryan Cabrera,Bo Diddley,Into The Frequency (Dave’s new duet project with Ruti Celli),Jihad Jerry and the Evildoers (Jerry Casale from DEVO’s solo project) Glenn Hughes,Danny Saber,Cherie Currie,Bernard Fowler,One Tribe Nation,Phil Upchurch,Meleni,Fastball,The Rembrandts,Carmen and Camille,Hilary Hawn,When In Rome,Mesner,Michael Mccarthy and the Beautiful Fools,Last Conservative,Kristine W.,Troy Baldacchino,Bonnie Pointer,Taylor Dayne,Nick Simmons,Stevie Wonder,Esthero,Kristinia Debarge,Duke Graham,Daniel Morones,Derek Sholl,Dawnea Adams,and Eric Sardinas. Dave also composes music for various TV and Film projects. In addition to his keyboard skills,Dave was recognized for his vocal and songwriting abilities in 2005 when The Los Angeles Music Awards nominated him for Male Vocalist of the Year. The Los Angeles “All Access Music Awards” also nominated him for both Pop/Rock Keyboardist of the Year and Song of the Year in 2006.


Received “Honorable Mention”for both the 16th Annual Billboard World Song and 12th Annual Unisong International Songwriting Competitions for 2009,for the song “Everything”.

Inducted into the 2008 Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame (see ‘Press’above)

Released solo record “Connect”(see “store”above) April 10,2009 with guests Daniel Lanois (U2,Peter Gabriel),Tony Levin (King Crimson,John Lennon),Bernard Fowler (Rolling Stones),Mike Porcaro (Toto) and many others…

Released record in 2009 with trip-hop/lounge/experimental band “The Smart Set”featuring producer/guitarist Rick Torres (Supreme Beings Of Leisure,Bittersweet),vocalist Brandi Emma,and bassist Wayne Lothian (English Beat,General Public)…

Keyboard sessions for new releases by Ian Gillan,Eric Sardinas,One Tribe Nation,House Music legend Jay-J ,Outkast producer/vocalist Sleepy Brown,The Fizzies,Montreal’s Bran Van 3000,The Rembrandts,Sonny Cool,Miranda Frigon,Hensley,DJ Eric Ill,Courtney Fine,John Romano,Stacey Steele,and Mesner.

Producing/writing for new artists at DAVE SCHULZ ENTERTAINMENT (Los Angeles)

Also performs currently with:Solo Project “Dave Schulz”/ Dave Schulz’s All-Star Jam / The Smart Set / Berlin / Pop Vinyl / Lyndsay and the All-Nighters / One Tribe Nation / (see ‘Tour Dates’above)

Past Projects:

Goo Goo Dolls –all live recordings from the ‘Dizzy Up The Girl’tour 1998 –2001

Jihad Jerry and the Evildoers ( released on Cordless/Warner Bros. w/ Jerry Casale (DEVO co-founder),Mark and Bob Mothersbaugh,Josh Freese (Nine Inch Nails/Perfect Circle)

Keyboard/Vocal sessions for Bernard Fowler,Goo Goo Dolls,Ryan Cabrera,Van Nuys Music Project,Jihad Jerry and the EvilDoers,Rachel Stacy,Silversteel,One Tribe Nation,Stacy Michelle,Dave Wakeling/English Beat,Duke Graham,Fabienne Shine,Fastball,Meleni Smith,Radio Romeo,Daniel Morones,Samantha Sanchez,DJ Eric Ill,and acclaimed hometown Buffalo artists Lance Diamond,Terry Sullivan,Klear,Jolson’s Lip,Pine Dogs,Marvelous Sauce,Gretchen Schulz and the Morvelles,Steam Donkeys,Geno McManus,The Quakes,and The Buffalo Sabres to name a few…

Wrote theme song/soundtrack for the “True American Story”series on E! Entertainment for 2005

Composed/Performed theme song/commercial promo for 2005 season of E! True Hollywood Story

Musical Director for the ONYX rock show 2005-06 at Mandalay Bay / Bellagio / Monte Carlo –  Las Vegas ,NV.

Composed / recorded music for the CGI / live action cartoon “The Kernies”,Producers:Tom Walsh / Phil Roman / Ron Hilton

Recorded CD by Michael Sanders’One Tribe Nation ( with guests including Bernard Fowler,Louis Conte,Jean Michael Byron,Chuck Prada,Andy Vargas,Claude Schnell,Jimmy Roberts,Produced by Joshua Eagan (see awards at top)

Released three original CDs independently (2 as “C.O. JONES”,1 as “Dave Schulz”)

Soundtrack for E! True Hollywood Story –9 episodes:Jennifer Lopez,Jenna Jameson,Michael Jackson,The Mitchell Bros.,Beverly Hills:90210,Carrie Otis,Lara Flynn Boyle,Christie Brinkley,and N’SYNC !!

Radio / Film / T.V. Appearances:

Jay Leno,David Letterman,Conan O’Brien,Craig Ferguson,  Rosie O’Donnell,CNN

VH1’s Backyard Barbecue,VH1’s Live At The Hard Rock,VH1’s Fashion Awards

MTV’s Total Request Live,MTV’s The Road Home

MTV’s Live in Times Square / Millennium Countdown 2000

American Music Awards,The GQ Man Of The Year Awards,MAD TV

Various European,German,Australian and Japanese television programs

BBC LIVE on the air (Britain)

Cameo appearance in “Charlie’s Death Wish”horror film with Lemmy,Tracii Guns,Dizzy Reed,Ron Jeremy,Phoebe Dollar

Was part of winning team (BERLIN vs. TIFFANY) on “Rock a Hard Place”game show with host Meatloaf. All proceeds went to PETA charity!

And last but not least…Taxicab Confessions #6 Las Vegas!


Opened for Rolling Stones on the “No Security”Tour 1999

Various tours in U.S.A.,Canada,Europe


Australia &New Zealand


United Kingdom

Middle East

South Africa

Performed with:

Goo Goo Dolls


Justin Lanning

English Beat

General Public

The Rembrandts


Bo Diddley

When In Rome

Glenn Hughes (formerly of Deep Purple,Black Sabbath,Trapeze)

Gary Schieder / Andre Foxxe (P-Funk)

Maceo Parker

Kristine W.

Carmen and Camille

Hilary Hawn

The Jazz All-Stars with Phil Upchurch

Derek Sholl


Fabienne Shine



Mitch Perry (Edgar Winter Band)


Received “Honorable Mention”in the Rock/Alt Category for the 12th Annual Unisong International Songwriting Competition 2009 for the song “Everything”(

Nominated for three awards:Best Keyboardist,Song of the Year (“Planet 39”) and Overall Album of the Year (“One Tribe Nation”) 2006 All Access Music Awards (Los Angeles)

Nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year,2005 Los Angeles Music Awards

Inducted into the 2008 Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame (see ‘Press’above)

Outstanding Keyboardist 1994,Artvoice Music Awards

Best Live Act 1996 (C.O. JONES) 1996,Gusto Awards (Buffalo,NY)

Best R&B Group 1997 (C.O. JONES) 1997,Buffalo Music Awards

Best Original Keyboardist 1998,Buffalo Music Awards

Best Original Keyboardist 2000,Buffalo Music Awards

Best Original Keyboardist 2001,Buffalo Music Awards

Shared the stage with:

INXS,B-52s,Beck,Red Hot Chili Peppers,Marilyn Manson,Pete Townshend,Bon Jovi,Rolling Stones,Spice Girls,Elvis Costello,Buffalo Tom,Sugar Ray,Fastball,New Radicals,
Shania Twain,Blink 182,Missing Persons,DEVO,Berlin,Dramarama,Pet Shop Boys,N’SYNC,Mighty Mighty Bosstones,Fishbone,Maceo Parker,Dido,Smashmouth,
too many more to name…





Nord Electro 3
Yamaha Motif XF6
Moog Little Phatty
Korg Triton Extreme
Arturia KeyLab88 Controller
Hammond B3
Fender Rhodes
Wurlitzer electric piano
Hohner Clavinet
OpenLabs Miko Gen 4
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