Sessions –Film Scoring –Production

Need keyboards / vocals on your record?
Need your film scored?
Need tracks produced?

Award-winning Los Angeles-based musician Dave Schulz is now offering all of the above worldwide for emerging and established musicians / artists / filmmakers out of his Los Angeles home recording studio,aptly titled “Dave Cave”.

Dave has toured/recorded/performed with a wide range of artists including Goo Goo Dolls,Berlin,English Beat,Fuel,Fastball,The Rembrandts,Phil Upchurch,Nik West,The Chambers Brothers,Daniel Lanois,Tony Levin,Angelo Moore,The Fizzies,Sleepy Brown,Maceo Parker,Garry Shider,Andre Foxxe,Nikka Costa,Gary Oldman,Stevie Wonder,Esthero,Kristine W.,Tackhead,Bo Diddley,Ryan Cabrera,Glenn Hughes,Eric Sardinas,Bran Van 3000,Jerry Casale,and Bernard Fowler,to name a few.

Gear and recording platforms used will vary based on client’s individual needs.

Dave insists on offering affordable rates to support artist’s careers.


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