Invasion of 70’s Captured Brilliantly by Astroglyde

Astroglyde, featuring Dave Schulz (English Beat, Goo Goo Dolls) recently performed three outstanding shows as part of their July residency at Club XES.   Schulz founded the All-Star membership of Astroglyde as a fun side project that pays tribute to the 70’s with a combination of a soulful vibe enhanced with an incredible funk that creates the formula for a sensual rock extravaganza party called Swank.  Astroglyde attracts an A-List crowd, and you never know who will show up at their shows or what surprises there are in store as far as who might drop in to perform.  On Astroglyde’s second show on July 20th celebrity actress/model and television host Shannon Malone was in attendance along with the legendary guitar player C. C. DeVille (Poison).  DeVille is scheduled to play with Astroglyde at a near future date. 

Astroglyde features an incredible All-Star lineup of several touring musicians from various bands such as Goo Goo Dolls, Bo Diddley, Thomas Dolby, Poison, David Bowie, Billy Idol, Macy Gray, Quincy Jones, English Beat, Christina Aguilera, Edgar Winter, Rod Stewart, and the Rembrandts.  Steve DeMarchi, who is Dave Schulz’s business partner in C. O. Jones Productions (that’s producing Swank) is also playing in the band, and Phil Solem (Rembrandts) will also be dropping in to play soon.  (Solem also co-wrote the theme song for the hit television show “Friends.”)

Astroglyde has previously played at The Key Club, the Roxy, and they have built up quite a following with several appearances at Backstage Café in Beverly Hills.  Now Astroglyde are getting offers to play future residencies at some of L.A.’s most prestigious clubs.  The club that captures Astroglyde has instant guaranteed economic profit.  Astroglyde’s new club night will be announced soon.  Go to the tour dates link of Dave Schulz’s website for further details.   

Dave Schulz is not only an outstanding keyboard player, but he has extraordinary vocals to match.  Schulz has a high energy powerful stage presence that’s enhanced by his extraordinary talent, sexy good looks, and his charming enthusiasm.  Dave Schulz’s very entertaining nature on stage brings a wealth of music experience as he’s a legendary keyboardist that has performed with the Goo Goo Dolls, The English Beat/General Public, The Rembrandts, Glenn Hughes, Fastball, and Bo Diddley.  After touring with the Goo Goo Dolls, Schulz relocated from Buffalo, New York to Los Angeles, CA.

 Dave Schulz also excels at writing and producing music as well, and his new sweet song “A Perfect Day” is amazing and can be heard on his website along with about twenty other excellent songs that include music from his upcoming solo album that’s due out in six months.  Schulz can also be contacted on his website for production and session work, and he and Steve DeMarchi also have a fully functional 24 hour recording studio available for use.  

Catch up with Dave Schulz and Astroglyde, and enjoy and savor what surprises they have in store for you.


Laura Phillips

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